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News Tidbits 6/5/17: The Return, Part III

1. The Ithaca Gun site is almost in the clear, according to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The state is proposing a no further action status for remediation of the Lake Street site along Fall Creek gorge, where the factory maintained a presence from 1885 to 1986. Testing the guns with lead bullets for decades had the unfortunate result of contaminating the gorge with toxic levels of lead and heavy metals, and the area has been under remediation in some form for almost 20 years. The first round of cleanup for the Superfund was from 2002-2004, but insufficient cleaning resulted in a second round of cleaning in 2014. A third round to excavate more contaminated soil along the steep slopes of the gorge was undertaken by the federal EPA over the past couple of years.

To quote: Based on the results of the investigations at the site, the interim remedial measures and post-IRM screening that have been performed, the NYSDEC is proposing No Further Action as the remedy for the sitePeriodic site inspections and reporting, which include additional removals of lead shot as needed, will ensure continued protection for the environment and public health.”

Note that this only impacts the part of the site that was donated to the city as parkland. A separate remediation plan has been crafted by Travis Hyde Properties as part of their plans to build 45 units of housing on the former factory site, the Ithaca Falls Residences. The completion of work on the city land would allow THP to put the finishing touches on their plan, and potentially move forward with their long-incubating housing proposal.

2. There was one detail that was initially missed when going over the failed candidacy of Lisa Bonniwell to the village of Lansing Board of Trustees. While her familys housing development, the Heights of Lansing, has been in perpetual stall with only about 22 of the 80 units built since approval in 2005 (and the last townhouses in 2011-12, shown above), they do plan to start work on another six-plex string of luxury townhouses this year Bonniwell cast blame on the gas moratorium for the holdup. Gives them something else to focus on after their lawsuit over the Park Grove Apartments re-zoning down the road, in which the courts decided in the villages favor.

The existing units are 3 bedrooms, 2,297-2,400 SF and sell for about $350,000-375,000. Expect the next batch to be fairly similar, though with different exterior details each strings exterior finishes are unique.

3. Sticking with Lansing, the Cayuga Farms townhouses are planning some modest changes the buildings will be smaller, which will allow 20% green space and the construction of a community clubhouse. There will still be 102 units with 3 bedrooms each, 1500-1800 SF, in the upper-middle (premium) market segment. The plan has been held up for years while trying to find appropriate ways to address wastewater/sewage, initially floating a pricey Orenco modular site-specific plan. However, with the likelihood of a sewer main being routed up North Triphammer Road in the near-future, that would render the sewage treatment issue a moot point and allow the already-approved project to move forward with permit requests.

4. Nothing too exciting with the local planning boards at the moment. The town of Ithaca is reviewing adjustments to the Westview subdivision that would allow homebuilder to have building permits open for more than two houses at any given time, and to allow him to build houses from different project phases (locations) so long as they have road frontage, sewer and water. Apparently the 2004 stipulations have created a headache with his newest home lots.

Meanwhile in Ulysses, the town planning board will be reviewing plans for additions to the Taughannock Inn at 2030 Gorge Road. The rather whimsical structure designed by architect Jason Demarest would add a gatehouse/stable, with five guest rooms, a check-in area, a bar and dining space, ice cream parlor, tent space, reflecting pools and whatever else that makes it sort of romantic events center for weddings, banquets and reunions. The 1870s inn will receive a new cupola, and the projects needs several zoning variance and a noise law revisions so that they can create to 90 dB until 1:30 AM.

5. Lansings 1020 Craft Road was picked up by an LLC tied to a construction company out of Endicott for $615,000 back in April, so that was was a strong indicator that something was planned. That plan looks like a gut renovation and 4,410 SF in additions, as well as a paved and landscaped parking lot. Pyramid Brokerage is already advertising professional office space in the 10,500 SF building, which was built around 1980 and used for manufacturing (sheet metal fabrication), and it was looking pretty run down by the time it was purchased. The lease is for $18.00/SF, with a minimum available space of 5,250 SF, which would be a pretty good sized office. Depending on the finishes though, it might have appeal for those looking for a suburban location with easy parking CFCUs headquarters is next door, and several other firms are housed in neighboring buildings.

6. The county released its report of potential tax foreclosures. The long story short is that if property taxes arent paid, the county may seize a property (courtesy says they give a couple warning first), which may then be sold by the county at auction to pay off the back taxes, or it may be given to a municipality if the community wants it, or it may be withheld completely if it is deemed to have special ecologic value (biodiversity, wetland, Unique Natural Areas, etc.)

There doesnt appear to be anything too exciting in this years batch. The city almost got some prime waterfront real estate at a bargain price last year, but the owner was able to pay the tax bill before the city could claim it. This year, we see several rural properties that the county would like to put deed restrictions on for stream buffers and conservation options, a pair of industrial properties in Caroline and Dryden, and a handful of single-family homes around the area. Nothing that looks especially tempting to the ambitious, although there are a handful of individuals who scoop these properties up at auction and then market them at a much higher price (with some success).

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Cebu Pacific’s lifestyle rewards program turns 2

Optimized-get go 4

(Edited Press Release)

GetGo, Cebu Pacific’s exciting lifestyle rewards program, is not only celebrating two years of providing every Juan free flights to their dream destinations, it is also giving gratitude to partners who have made GetGo truly a rewarding experience for its members.

To mark its second anniversary, GetGo gathered its program partners for a night of revelry that celebrated their shared passion to provide Filipinos with the best ways to #FlyForFree.

Held at The Blue Leaf in McKinley Hill, the Here’s 2 Going Places: GetGo 2nd Year Anniversary and Partner’s Night event treated guests to a cheerful evening of recognition, tickets to free flights, exciting prizes, and a promise of stronger partnerships for more rewards offers.

Optimized-get go 1

GetGo Loyalty Division General Manager Nik Laming thanks their growing number of members and partners.

Looking backWhen we launched GetGo, we wanted to make it innovative—a driver of business and of fulfilling the Filipinos’ dreams to travel for free,” said Nik Laming, GetGo Loyalty Division general manager. “With the help of all our partners, we have delivered overwhelming results and we are grateful for all of the support, the business, and the hard work that helped shape this program and make it what it is today.”

Staying true to the concept of providing the most rewarding travel experiences through essential daily spend, the celebration also took attendees to atravel-inspired evening with creative destination photo walls, complete with awarding free tickets to Japan and a Coldplay concert to winners of the event’s social media contest and games. Special awards were also given to program partners whose efforts paved the way for more Filipinos to get into the GetGo lifestyle.

Optimized-get go 2

GetGo executives share the stage with industry partners.

Giving back on its 2nd yearGetGosponsored several Cebu Pacific inflight games where it gave away 1,000 GetGo points each to winners. Grab promo codes were also awarded to inflight game winners in all Manila-bound Cebu Pacific flights.

A GetGo 10-pt Sale enabled travellersto grab the best travel deals to Cebu Pacific destinations. Holders of Cebu Pacific Credit and Debit Cards by UnionBank were also treated to an exclusive Beauty and the Beast screening at Robinsons Magnolia.

To date, GetGo has accumulated more than 3 million members and has given away about 47,175 and 20,115free domestic and international flights, turning a simple loyalty rewards program into a lifestyle that most Filipinos now aspire for.

Optimized-get go 3

The anniversary event was hosted by GMA News reporter and anchor Kara David and RX 93.1 disc-jock Chico Garcia.

Growing lifestyle programWith the support of program partners such as the country’s leading banks, hotels, resorts, retail, product, and service establishments, GetGo has grown into a lifestyle program that gives value to people’s daily activities. And with more meaningful partnerships in the pipeline, members can only expect a more exciting and an even more rewarding GetGo experience, as flying for free and creating lasting travel memories become easier to achieve for EveryJuan.

“GetGo is an ecosystem that thrives when we add the right components, elements, and partners into it. With new partners come new earning and redemption opportunities, and that makes it even better for everyone,” said Mike Szucs, Cebu Pacific Chief Executive Adviser.

On its 2nd year, GetGo and its partners have transformed Filipinos’ everyday spending into the most rewarding of experiences. Do you want to #FlyForFree? Visit or call +632 71-GETGO (43846) to discover how you can avail of a GetGo membership card, learn about the loyalty program, its partners, promos, and how to start redeeming rewards points. The latest updates are also on GetGoPHs official pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

News for March

Last months Border No. U-6 has been positively identified by one of our sharp customers as Element #26 of the Central Type Foundrys spectacular Floriated Border, as shown in their 1892 specimen.  Thanks, Laura.

For this months new font we present Figaro in 36pt.  Better known in the U.S. as Old Towne, it was a 1940 design from British Monotype.  The face is one more version of French Clarendon Condensed which was enormously popular in the mid-19th century—and now for us in America, its strongly reminiscentof the old west.

figaroBack in stock: Cloister Old Style 18pt and Arboret No. 2, 24pt.

Reaching Online Shoppers in Australia

Creating the right partnerships will unlock the Australian e-commerce network.

Will Gensburg | UPS

Retailers looking for their next cross-border, e-commerce opportunity should look down: Down Under to be exact.

As early adopters of international online shopping, 77 percent of Australian consumers use a smartphone, 65 percent shop online and 40 percent purchase clothing and footwear from an international merchant, according to the Ecommerce Foundation Pullquote share icon. Share

Australia is a growing force when it comes to e-commerce sales.

Australia is a growing force when it comes to e-commerce sales. In 2016, Australia’s e-commerce sales totaled $9.5 billion with sales projected to increase to $15.4 billion by 2021, according to Statista. While this is significantly lower than China’s 2016 online sales of $752 billion, consider that Australia’s population is roughly 2 percent the size of China’s.

With high purchasing power and disposable income, the Australian online shopper offers huge growth opportunities for online retailers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture sales from this high-performing e-commerce market. Here are some tips for attracting the Australian online shopper.

Localize your communications

Language is one of the most important components when providing consumers with a seamless and localized online shopping experience. While this seems like an obvious point, it can be surprisingly easy for retailers to miscommunicate with their customers – even when they speak the same language.

Imagine what would happen if you weren’t specific with your online advertising in this scenario. Selling a Barbie™ in the U.S. is a doll, where in Australia it could also be interpreted as a grill (think “shrimp on the barbie”).  Not localizing product descriptions is a sure-fire way to lose customers before they’ve even started shopping.

Product seasonality is also a major factor when localizing your online shopping experience. In Australia, seasons are opposite from those in the states. This is extremely important for promotions and sales. The last thing a U.S. retailer wants to do is promote winter gear to an online shopper in the middle of an Australian summer.

Be prepared for changes in duty and tax exemptions

Pullquote share icon. Share

Consumers in Australia have high expectations for shipping and delivery.

Australia has historically had one of the most generous customs exemptions in the world for online shoppers, with no customs duties or taxes on orders less than AU$1,000 (approximately US$750). That’s anticipated to change on July 1, 2017.

To help Australian retailers be more competitive, Parliament is considering legislation that would impose duties, taxes and a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on imported online shopping orders for retailers that sell more than AUS$75,000 a year.

One of the provisions includes a requirement to notify consumers about the GST costs of their purchases, which could require merchants to calculate and invoice these costs before the delivery is made.

To fully succeed in this market, it will be critical to proactively calculate and display the various duties and taxes when conducting business in the Land Down Under. Creating a customized online shopping experience is easier with the help of industry tools and solutions like UPS i-parcel.

This technology gives retailers the ability to tailor promotions, shipping programs and product availability without complex IT infrastructure. It takes the headache out of cross-border e-commerce, making it easier for retailers to win over customers and complete sales. Pullquote share icon. Share

The right partner will also help retailers ensure efficiency across the supply chain.

Understand shipping preferences and expectations

Consumers in Australia have high expectations when it comes to shipping and delivery. According to a report by SaleCycle, Australia has the highest rate of online cart abandonment in the world. Reasons include high shipping costs, lack of free shipping and the number of shipping options provided.

However, when it comes to cross-border, e-commerce deliveries, Australians are a bit more forgiving and understanding. In fact, 36 percent of Australian consumers expect shipments to take two weeks or longer. The country’s sheer size and transportation challenges in getting an item from point A to point B play a role in setting these consumers’ expectations.

For retailers looking to do business with the sixth largest country in the world, it’s imperative to partner with a global shipping provider that has the expertise, operations and logistics infrastructure to help meet customer demand.

Don’t get left behind

Conducting business across borders may seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. By partnering with a third-party logistics provider with cross-border, e-commerce expertise, retailers can localize shopping experiences and meet evolving customer demands. The right partner will also help retailers ensure efficiency across the supply chain to keep costs down and customer satisfaction up.

Now is the time to take action, mate. goldbrown2

This article first appeared on Digital Commerce 360 and was republished with permission.

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Will Gensburg is the Vice President and Managing Director of UPS i-parcel.

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How to change your student loan repayment plan

change student loan repayment plan

Bloomicon /

When it comes to student loans, its easy to feel like youre stuck with the terms of your repayment plan. However, you may have a few more options than you realize.

Perhaps youve found yourself often wondering, “how do I change my student loan repayment plan?” Or “can you change student loan repayment plans?” Well, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the best student loan repayment plan for your particular situation.

How do I change my student loan repayment plan for federal loans?

First off, federal student loans are more flexible when it comes to modifying your payments. There are a few different ways you can go about it, from changing the number of years you have to repay to changing your monthly payment. You can even pause payments or consolidate your loans.

Therefore, choosing the right repayment plan for you depends on the goal you have in mind. Do you want to pay your loans off faster? Need to have lower monthly payments? Prefer to have all of your loans in one?

The answers to these questions will lead to different types of repayment plans. You need to understand your biggest pain point first and then go from there. Consider which of the following four scenarios applies directly to your situation:

1. I need to lower my monthly payments

There are a few options you can look into if you’re struggling to pay your bills:

Income-driven repayment plansDefermentForbearance

Deferment and forbearance give you a break on payments. Income-driven repayment plans, however, don’t pause your payments but do lower them. These plans include:

Income-Based Repayment Plans (IBR)IBR plans apply to PLUS Loans, Federal Stafford Loans, Direct Loans, FFEL, or Direct Consolidation loans that don’t include Direct or FFEL PLUS loans to parents.

Payments are 10 or 15 percent of your discretionary income. You are eligible for forgiveness after consecutive payments for 20 or 25 years.Revised Pay As You Earn Payment Plan (REPAYE )Direct Loans and Direct Consolidation Loans qualify for REPAYE plans.

Payments are 10 percent of your discretionary income. Youre eligible for forgiveness after consecutive payments for 20 or 25 years.Pay As You Earn Payment Plan (PAYE)PAYE plans are for Direct Loans and Direct Consolidation Loans borrowed on or after October 1, 2007, and received on or after October 1, 2011.

Payments are 10 percent of your discretionary income. You are eligible for forgiveness after consecutive payments for 20 years.Income-Contingent Repayment Plan (ICR)ICR plans are available for Direct Loans and Direct Consolidation Loans.

Payments will be calculated by whichever of the following is less: 20 percent of your discretionary income or the amount you’d pay on a fixed 12-year repayment plan, adjusted to your income. Eligible for forgiveness after consecutive payments for 25 years.Income-Sensitive Repayment PlanThis type of repayment plans is available for Federal Stafford Loans, FFEL PLUS Loans, and FFEL Consolidation Loans.

Your annual income is the basis for how much your payments are – the formula used will vary by lender. Ten years is the maximum repayment term.

Remember, you have to reapply for these repayment plans annually and amounts forgiven may be subject to taxes. And, excluding Income-Sensitive Repayment Plans, the above plans will keep you in debt longer unless you qualify for loan forgiveness.

2. My loans are varied and confusing

If your loans are varied and confusing, you have an option to consolidate them into a Direct Consolidation Loan. And doing so can make your loans eligible for some of the income-driven repayment plans mentioned above.

Textbooks Africa donates books for Mzuni

The Mzuni Library Initiative would like to extend many heartfelt thanks to Textbooks Africa for the generous donation of 75 boxes of books for the Mzuzu University Library. On August 29th, we were excited to welcome Francesco, a representative of Textbooks Africa, to Virginia Tech. Pictured below are volunteers Francesco and Kevin with the book donations.


One of the best parts of the day was getting to show Francesco the beautiful farmlands in Blacksburg while transporting the books. I was lucky to snap this picture in a peaceful moment before the team arrived and the fun began!


We are also grateful to Zach and Danny, engineers from the Unmanned Systems Lab, for continually being the willing hands of the initiative and assisting with moving heavy boxes of books. Thanks Zach and Danny!


Omniquad warns: Fake Speeding Ticket Emails carry W32.FakeHddRepair Trojan

There are currently emails with the subject line Uniform Traffic Ticket in circulation that claims to be from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The email in the example below claims the recipient was caught speeding in New York city at a certain time and recipient is charged of committing the violation speed over 55 zone. The email states that the victim is charged with a traffic offense and requesting that to print out the attached ticket and send it out to the town court of Chatam at a provided PO BOX.

In fact, the zipped file is not a speeding ticket but contains an .exe file which installs a Trojan on the recipients computer. The Trojan was identified as being W32.FakeHddRepair and which constantly displays hardware error messages.

From Microsoft Malware Protection Center has the following information about the W32.Fake Hdd Repair Trojan:

 Win32/FakeSysdef is a family of programs that claim to scan for hardware defects related to system memory, hard drives and over-all system performance. They scan the system, show fake hardware problems, and offer a solution to defrag the hard drives and optimize the system performance. They then inform the user that they need to pay money to download the fix module and to register the software in order to repair these non-existent hardware problems. One of the first variants was distributed as program named HDD Defragmenter hence the name FakeSysdef or Fake System Defragmenter.  


Fake speeding ticket email from New York State Department

This is the exe file:

fake speeding ticket exe file

These fake emails target motorists in New York, there is no reason to think the scammers will stick to New York, as the formula can easily be used for targeting people in other cities, states or districts.

Be cautious of any unsolicited email that claims to be from police or a government department and instructs you to open an attached file or follow a link. Such tactics are commonly used by criminals intent on distributing malware or tricking recipients into divulging personal and financial information via phishing scams.

The Omniquad Security Team

IoT and the Future of Consumer Products Manufacturing

Why revenue growth is IoT’s surprising side effect.

Charlie Covert | UPS

Of all that the Internet of Things (IoT) promises, manufacturers seem most focused on supply chain efficiency, and with good reason. Under constant pressure to reduce costs and get to market faster, but having limited ways to do so, IoT’s promise of faster, cheaper and better is alluring.

Getting less attention in IoT discussions is the potential for revenue growth through innovation. Practically speaking, it’s easier to improve an existing operation than to improve things that haven’t yet been imagined.

That vision will get clearer as manufacturers get their IoT sea legs. But how much time is there? Digital native consumers have shown little patience in product also-rans unless they come with a big advantage.

Pullquote share icon. Share

You need to extend that agile mindset to research and development.

When manufacturers talk about being more competitive, they talk aspirationally about having a more agile supply chain. IoT strategies can help you create a more agile supply chain, but you need to extend that agile mindset to research and development to keep up with today’s consumers.

There are many ways to tap into innovative breakthroughs. In UPS’s 110-year history, we’ve been IoT pioneers by connecting our operations through sensors and scanners – and then studying the data so we can make improvements.

UPS Package Flow Technology, for example, evaluates and optimizes every step in a delivery cycle – from the way a package is routed and tracked to how it’s loaded and then delivered.

The visibility provided by Package Flow Technology then led to breakthrough customer delivery options like the ability to intercept packages, as well as alternative delivery options provided through the UPS Access Point Network and UPS MyChoice.

Innovation becomes a team sport

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Smart companies know that to stay on top, they’ll have to be open-minded.

The Internet of Things has created the best and worst of times for research and development. On one hand, an influx of attention and funding for digital advancements is an innovator’s dream. On the other hand, the RD teams of today tend to lack the range of expertise needed to get disruptive products to market.

Specifically, virtual and augmented reality, Bluetooth beacons, RFID – not to mention the growing murmurs about blockchain technology – require companies to open their doors to some surprising collaborators.

Such collaborations were coined “Industrial mash-ups” in a paper by Ernst Young and Harvard Business Review. Those alliances can come together faster than mergers and acquisitions allow and can “develop new products and services rapidly by piecing together components from an ecosystem of collaborating partners,” the paper found.

Looser alliances also help companies explore new technologies with expert help from each field. All parties win through data and knowledge sharing. For example, UPS has collaborated with Fast Radius and SAP to develop a digital-distributed manufacturing network for on-demand 3D Printing. A separate UPS collaboration with Cy-Phy Works tests the use of drones for both commercial and humanitarian deliveries.

Pullquote share icon. Share

The hardest step in enterprise initiatives like IoT is often the first one.

Smart companies know that to stay on top, they’ll have to be open-minded. Companies owe it to their customers and themselves to get outside of themselves and to catch up with or get ahead of emerging tech.

How not to be a fast-follower

Leaders are understandably wary of IoT when there are still so many unanswered questions. What standards will emerge? What is a realistic return on investment? And perhaps the biggest question of all, where to start?

The hardest step in enterprise initiatives like IoT is often the first one. My simple advice would be to get an extended team around the table and start talking – including RD, marketing, IT, sales, human resources and customer service. The next steps will flow from there.

Having UPS involved early in the process is also really important. It’s incredible what can happen when your business strategy and supply chain strategy are in perfect alignment.

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عن البرنامج

برنامج القيادة للتكنولوجيا والعمل المدني

يهدف برنامج القيادة للتكنولوجيا والعمل المدني إلى مساعدة الشباب من الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ومنطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا للتعاون في سبيل تحقيق تغيير اجتماعي عن طريق استخدام التكنولوجيا الحديثة. يتألف البرنامج من ثلاث مراحل متاحة بشكل مجاني لجميع متحدثي اللغة العربية والإنكليزية من المنطقتين (أمريكا والشرق الأوسط وشمال الأفريقيا):

حضور كورس مجاني من جامعة ستانفورد بعنوان التكنولوجيا بغرض المساءلة والمحاسبة

يقوم المشاركون في المرحلة الأولى بحضور كورس مجاني تم تطويره بالتعاون بين المعهد الديمقراطي الوطني NDI وجامعة ستانفورد بعنوان التكنولوجيا بغرض المساءلة والمحاسبة وذلك باللغتين العربية والإنكليزية. يقدم الكورس مهارات القرن الواحد والعشرين اللازمة لتوظيف التكنولوجيا في تطوير الحكم الرشيد باستخدام تقنيات مثل استبيانات الموبايل وتحليل البيانات المفتوحة. يتضمن الكورس أيضاً عرض مجموعة من المشاريع التكنولوجية الإبداعية التي تحقق تغيير اجتماعي في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا وأمريكا وغيرها من دول العالم.

مرحلة مسابقة القيادة للتكنولوجيا والعمل المدني

في هذه المرحلة، بعد حضور الكورس، إذا كان لدى المشارك فكرة تدمج استخدام التكنولوجيا في العمل المدني، يمكنه طرح فكرة المشروع من خلال المشاركة بمسابقة القيادة للتكنولوجيا والعمل المدني، حيث سيقوم NDI باختيار أفضل 200 متسابق من المشاركين في الكورس لينتقلو إلى المرحلة الثانية. وخلال هذه المرحلة سيتم توزيع المشاركين على مجموعات حسب المشاريع التي يهتمون بتنفيذها بحيث يستطيعون التنسيق والتعاون مع نظرائهم في المشاريع وفي نفس الوقت يتلقون مساعدة ومتابعة من خبراء في هذا المجال بحيث يستطيعون في نهاية المرحلة تقديم فكرة مشروعهم من خلال فيديو قصير يؤهلهم للانتقال إلى المرحلة الثالثة. بالطبع سيتم تقديم كافة التسهيلات والأدوات التكنولوجية والمساعدة الممكنة للمشاركين لكي يتمكنوا من تقديم مشاريعهم بأفضل طريقة، وسيتم إعلان المزيد حول هذا الموضوع قريباً، فابقوا على اتصال.

مرحلة التبادل الثقافي إلى أمريكا (واشنطن العاصمة ووادي التكنلوجيا سيليكون فالي في كاليفورنيا)

بعد أن تقوم جميع الفرق بتصميم أفلام قصيرة تصف مشاريعهم باللغتين العربية والإنكليزية، ستقوم لجنة التحكيم باختيار أفضل المشاريع ليشاركوا في رحلة عمل إلى العاصمة الأمريكية واشنطن دي سي وإلى سيليكون فالي (وادي التكنولوجيا وهو موطن أهم شركات التكنولوجيا في ولاية كاليفورنيا أمريكا) وذلك ليحصلوا على المزيد من بناء القدرات لتنفيذ مشاريعهم. تهدف هذه الرحلة إلى ترجمة ما تعلموه في الكورس إلى تغيير حقيقي في مجتمعاتهم وذلك من خلال لقاءاتهم مع مسؤولين حكوميين، صناع السياسات، قادة التكنولوجيا، والمبدعين في مجل العمل المدني.

شروط المشاركة

الكورس سيكون مجاني ويمكن للجميع المشاركة فيه سواء كانوا يتحدثون العربية أو الإنكليزية.

أما فيما يخص المرحلة الثانية من البرنامج، فيمكن للمشاركين من الفئة العمرية بين 20 إلى 30 عام من جنسية أمريكية أو من جنسية إحدى دول الشرق الأدنى حسب تعريف وزارة الخارجية الأمريكية، يمكنهم التقدم بطلب للمشاركة في المرحلة الثانية القيادة للتكنولوجيا والعمل المدني وإذا تم اختيارهم، سيدخلون في المنافسة للمشاركة في رحلة العمل إلى سيليكون فالي (وادي التكنولوجيا) والعاصمة الأمريكية واشنطن دي سي.

أجندة البرنامج

تلقى مشروع القيادة للتكنولوجيا والعمل المدني التمويل في شهر أبريل. ستبدأ أول مرحلة من هذا البرنامج، كورس التكنولوجيا للمساءلة والمحاسبة في صيف العام 2016 وستكون هذه المرحلة مفتوحة بشكل مجاني للجميع للمشاركة.


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Free CEUs for Registered Dietitians- Nutritional Needs and Dietary Transitions of Preterm Infants

Nutritional Needs of Preterm Infants: Feeding Choices and Dietary Transitions Preterm infants are at risk for poor growth and neurodevelopment. Optimal nutrition is vital to contributing to catch-up growth, however, many low birth weight babies are discharged from the hospital with suboptimal feeding regimens or clinicians and parents are unaware of how to optimize nutrition for preterm infants. This activity will explore formula and breastmilk choices for preterm infants and contrast them with practices for standard term infants. Additionally, special cases will be highlighted that illustrate best practices when transitioning preterm infants to standard term formula and continuing breastfeeding upon return to work.Illustrate differences between preterm and term formulas.Formulate strategies to transition preterm infants to post-discharge feeding practices.Utilize scientific evidence, recommendations by experts and emerging data in infant nutrition to create nutrition care plans that support optimal preterm infant growth.Give examples of healthful diets that link how diet impacts disease.Describe evidence-based diets for late preterm infants, and for infants with milk allergies or with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

1.0 Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists

Expires  7/29/17

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