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the least of them…

Another wonderful story that crossed my desk. There have been a lot of them; but I figure that if they touched my heart, maybe they will touch yours too

He had come to Miami years ago from a nearby town. When he was diagnosed with HIV, his family told him not to come home. Over time his condition had developed into AIDS.

A few days earlier, he said, his family had called. For some reason they had a change of heart. They invited him home for Christmas. He couldnt tell them, he said, that he was broke. He needed money for bus fare. Ten dollars would get him home for Christmas.

Im in a Wednesday morning Bible study class at Myers Park Baptist Church. Not long before my Miami trip we had discussed the passage in Matthew where Jesus speaks to those who are to inherit the kingdom and reminds them of how they had helped him when he was down and out.

They ask, when did we do this? He responds, in the compelling language of the King James Version, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Theres a problem with knowing these Bible stories: They keep calling you to account. This one is particularly troubling for prosperous people who usually manage to ignore the poverty around us.

People like me.

In my pocket I had a $20 bill that I intended to spend on a shirt. I didnt know whether to believe him. It didnt matter. He obviously needed the money more than I did.

I handed him the twenty.

Here, I said. Merry Christmas.

He was surprised. Apparently he hadnt expected it to be so easy.

He took the money and looked straight into my eyes.

Thank you, he said, and it was as heartfelt a thanks as I have ever received. Then he put the money in his pocket and walked away.

A shared epiphany

Just before he melded into the crowd, he turned and raised his hand in a farewell salute. And he said, I think you are Jesus.

I was stunned. Before I could respond, he vanished into the crowd of shoppers.

What I would have said to him was this: I thought you were Jesus.

Merry Christmas.Ed Williams

The Observer – letter to the editor Dec 21, 1997

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Matthew 25:40

Paket Usaha Daster Batik Pekalongan ONGKIR FREE

Paket Usaha Daster Batik Pekalongan ONGKOS KIRIM FREE

paket usaha dasterSelain menjual secara retail dan grosir, kami juga menyediakan paket-paket usaha Daster Batik Pekalongan bagi anda yang berminat untuk membuka usaha baju batik modern. Seperti yang kita ketahui bersama , bahwasannya bisnis baju batik saat ini begitu luar biasa, dan ini merupakan sebuah peluang usaha yang bisa kita manfaatkan untuk menambah pemasukan. Disini kami mempunyai beberapa Paket Usaha daster Batik Pekalongan yang terdiri dari beberapa paket usaha , anda bisa pilih sendiri sesuai minat dan permintaan pasar anda. Paket Usaha Batik Pekalongan ini lebih ekonomis. karena sudah harganya Grosir Batik Pekalongan Murah.

Kami disini Juga Membantu Keringan dalam Ongkos Kirim , Untuk Area Jawa kami bebaskan ongkos kirim ( Free Ongkir ) , dan untuk Luar Jawa Kami Bantu Potongan untuk Ongkir (Rp sesuai pilihan paketnya )

Selain Dibantu Ongkos Kirim, Bapak / Ibu / Mas / Mbak  Sudah Terdaftar secara otomatis Menjadi Agen Resmi Di Batik Pekalongan yang didukung Oleh Batik Ar’Green. jadi tidak usah order Rp 10.000.000, karena untuk menjadi agen batik pekalongan ini minimal belanja Pertama Rp10.000.000.Namun dengan belanja paket usaha sudah tercatat menjadi agen kami?

Apa kelebihan menjadi agen Batik kami Klik Disini yaa?? (Harga Lebih Murah Dari Paket Usaha)

Catatan : Yang dimasukan didalam paket usaha ini baju baju batik yang update Terbaru harga sama, karena Perkembangan motif dan model batik begitu sangat cepat dalam hitungan perminggu selalu update motif-motif terbaru , jadi gak bisa milih-milih motif. Terimakasih

Tabel harga Paket Usaha Daster ANoNama ProdukJumlahHargaTotalContoh Gambar1Daster Base5Rp 21.000Rp 105.000Klik Disini2Daster Prosen5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini3Daster Jemputan5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini4Daster Remaja5Rp 23.000Rp 115.000Klik Disini5Longdress Base5Rp 26.000Rp 130.000Klik Disini6Longdress Prosen5Rp 28.000Rp 140.000Klik Disini7Longdres Jemputan5Rp 28.000Rp 140.000Klik Disini8Daster Payung5Rp 29.000Rp 145.000Klik Disini9Setelan 3/45Rp 30.000Rp 150.000Klik Disini10Setelan Celana Pjg5Rp 31.000Rp 155.000Klik DisiniTOTAL50 PcsRp1.300.000

Total : Rp 1.300.000 + Ongkir Free Area Jawa (Luar Jawa di bantu Ongkir Rp 50.000)

Tabel harga Paket Usaha Daster BNoNama ProdukJumlahHargaTotalContoh Gambar1Daster Base5Rp 20.000Rp 100.000Klik Disini2Daster Prosen5Rp 21.000Rp 105.000Klik Disini3Daster Jemputan5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini4Daster Remja Cntik5Rp 22.500Rp 112.500Klik Disini5Daster Isabela5Rp 22.500Rp 112.500Klik Disini6Daster Poppy5Rp 22.500Rp 112.500Klik Disini7Daster Ayuting5Rp 22.500Rp 112.500Klik Disini8Daster Lowo Rayon5Rp 25.000Rp 125.000Klik Disini9Daster Lowo Jempt5Rp 26.000Rp 130.000Klik Disini10Daster Jombo5Rp 25.000Rp 125.000Klik Disini11Longdress Base5Rp 25,000Rp 125.000Klik Disini12Longdress Prosen5Rp 27.500Rp 137.500Klik Disini13Longdres Jemputan5Rp 27.500Rp 137.500Klik Disini14Longdress Renda Cantik5Rp 30,000Rp 150.000Klik Disini15Longdres Jumbo5Rp 31.500Rp 157.500Klik Disini16Yukensi Payung5Rp 27.500Rp 137.500Klik Disini17Daster Payung5Rp 29.000Rp 135.000Klik Disini18Cln. Aladin Jumbo5Rp 24.000Rp 140.000Klik Disini19Setelan 3/45Rp 28.000Rp 140.000Klik Disini20Setelan Celana Pjg5Rp 29.000Rp 145.000Klik DisiniTOTAL100 PcsRp2.685.000

Total : Rp 2.685.000 + Ongkir Free Area Jawa (Luar Jawa di bantu Ongkir Rp 50.000)

Tabel harga Paket Usaha Daster CNoNama ProdukJumlahHargaTotalContoh Gambar1Daster Base5Rp 19.500Rp 97.500Klik Disini2Daster Prosen5Rp 20.000Rp 100.000Klik Disini3Daster Jemputan5Rp 21.000Rp 105.000Klik Disini4Daster Remja Cntik5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini5Daster Isabela Update Model5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini6Daster Poppy5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini7Daster Ayuting5Rp 22.000Rp 110.000Klik Disini8Daster Lowo Rayon5Rp 24.000Rp 120.000Klik Disini9Daster Lowo Jempt5Rp 25.000Rp 125.000Klik Disini10Daster Jombo5Rp 24.500Rp 122.500Klik Disini11Dastr Renda Cantik5Rp 25.500Rp 127.500Klik Disini12Daster Payung Rayon5Rp 30.500Rp 152.500Klik Disini13Daster Payung Jemputan5Rp 28.500Rp 142.500Klik Disini14Daster Payung Jumbo5Rp 28.500Rp 142.500Klik Disini15Daster Payung Renda5Rp 30.000Rp 150.000Klik Disini16Yukensi Rayon setandar5Rp 21.000Rp 105.000Klik Disini17Yukensi Jombo5Rp 24.500Rp 122.500Klik Disini18Yukensi Payung5Rp 27.500Rp 137.500Klik Disini19Babydoll5Rp 28.000Rp 140.000Klik Disini20Hotpen5Rp 28.000Rp 140.000Klik Disini21Longdress Base5Rp 24.500Rp 122.500Klik Disini22Longdress Prosen5Rp 27.000Rp 135.000Klik Disini23Longdres Jemputan5Rp 27.000Rp 135.000Klik Disini24Longdress Renda Cantik5Rp 30.000Rp 150.000Klik Disini25Longdres Jumbo5Rp 31.500Rp 157.500Klik Disini26Celana Aladin Jumbo5Rp 24.000Rp 120.000Klik Disini27Rok Batik Payung5Rp 31.000Rp 155.000Klik Disini28Setelan L 3/4  P Celana 7/85Rp 31.000Rp 155.000Klik Disini29Setelan 3/4 Jumbo5Rp 33.000Rp 165.000Klik Disini30Setelan Celana Pjg5Rp 29.000Rp 145.000Klik DisiniTOTAL150 PcsRp3.910.000

Total : Rp 3.910.000 + Ongkir Free Area Jawa (Luar Jawa di bantu Ongkir Rp 100.000)

Tabel harga Paket Usaha Daster DNoNama ProdukJumlahHargaTotalContoh Gambar1Daster Base10Rp 19.000Rp 190.000Klik Disini2Daster Prosen10Rp 19.500Rp 195.000Klik Disini3Daster Jemputan10Rp 20.000Rp 200.000Klik Disini4Daster Remaja10Rp 20.500Rp 205.000Klik Disini5Longdress Base10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini6Longdress Prosen10Rp 26.000Rp 260.000Klik Disini7Longdres Jemputan10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini8Daster Payung10Rp 27.000Rp 270.000Klik Disini9Setelan 3/410Rp 27.000Rp 270.000Klik Disini10Setelan Celana Pjg10Rp 29.000Rp 290.000Klik DisiniTOTAL100 PcsRp2.370.000

Total : Rp 2.370.000 + Ongkir Free Area Jawa (Luar Jawa di bantu Ongkir Rp 50.000)

Tabel harga Paket Usaha Daster ENoNama ProdukJumlahHargaTotalContoh Gambar1Daster Base10Rp 19.000Rp 190.000Klik Disini2Daster Prosen10Rp 20.000Rp 200.000Klik Disini3Daster Jemputan10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini4Daster Remja Cntik10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini5Daster Isabela10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini6Daster Poppy10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini7Daster Ayuting10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini8Daster Lowo Rayon10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini9Daster Lowo Jempt10Rp 25.000Rp 250.000Klik Disini10Daster Jombo10Rp 24.500Rp 245.000Klik Disini11Longdress Base10Rp 24.000Rp 240.000Klik Disini12Longdress Prosen10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini13Longdres Jemputan10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini14Longdress Renda10Rp 29.000Rp 290.000Klik Disini15Longdres Jumbo10Rp 30.500Rp 305.000Klik Disini16Yukensi Payung10Rp 26.000Rp 260.000Klik Disini17Daster Payung10Rp 27.000Rp 270.000Klik Disini18Cln. Aladin Jumbo10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini19Setelan 3/410Rp 27.500Rp 275.000Klik Disini20Setelan Celana Pjg10Rp 28.500Rp 285.000Klik DisiniTOTAL200 PcsRp4.860.000

Total : Rp 4.860.000 + Ongkir Free Area Jawa (Luar Jawa di bantu Ongkir Rp 100.000)

Tabel harga Paket Usaha Daster FNoNama ProdukJumlahHargaTotalContoh Gambar1Daster Base10Rp 19.000Rp 190.000Klik Disini2Daster Prosen10Rp 19.500Rp 195.000Klik Disini3Daster Jemputan10Rp 20.500Rp 205.000Klik Disini4Daster Remja Cntik10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini5Daster Isabela10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini6Daster Poppy10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini7Daster Ayuting10Rp 21.000Rp 210.000Klik Disini8Daster Lowo Rayon10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini9Daster Lowo Jempt10Rp 24.500Rp 245.000Klik Disini10Daster Jombo10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini11Dastr Renda Cantik10Rp 24.500Rp 245.000Klik Disini12Daster Payung Rayon10Rp 29.500Rp 295.000Klik Disini13Daster Payung Jemputan10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini14Daster Payung Jumbo10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini15Daster Payung Renda10Rp 27.500Rp 275.000Klik Disini16Yukensi Rayon Setandar10Rp 20.000Rp 200.000Klik Disini17Yukensi Jumbo10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini18Yukensi Payung10Rp 26.000Rp 160.000Klik Disini19Setelan Babydoll10Rp 27.000Rp 270.000Klik Disini20Hotpen10Rp 27.000Rp 270.000Klik Disini21Longdress Base10Rp 24.000Rp 240.000Klik Disini22Longdress Prosen10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini23Longdres Jemputan10Rp 26.500Rp 265.000Klik Disini24Longdress Renda Cantik10Rp 29.500Rp 295.000Klik Disini25Longdres Jumbo10Rp 30.000Rp 300.000Klik Disini26Celana Aladin Jumbo10Rp 23.500Rp 235.000Klik Disini27Rok Batik Payung10Rp 30.500Rp 305.000Klik Disini28Setelan L 3/4 P celana 7/810Rp 29.500Rp 295.000Klik Disini29Setelan Kulot Jumbo10Rp 33,000Rp 330.000Klik Disini30Setelan Celana Pjg10Rp 28.000Rp 280.000Klik DisiniTOTAL300 PcsRp7.435.000

Total : Rp 7.435.000 + Ongkir Free Area Jawa (Luar Jawa di bantu Ongkir Rp 150.000)

Cara Order Paket Usaha Daster Batik Pekalongan

Ketik :

Nama Bapak / IbuAlamat Lengkap ( Kecamatan , Kelurahan , Kabupaten , Kota , Kode Pos – guna supaya Barangnya Cepat Sampai Di alamat Guna membantu kemudahan Kurir)No hp aktifJenis Paket Usaha Daster A / B / C / D / E / F

Kirim sms/ whatsapp  ke 089636366693 /085640557171 dan tunggu balasan dari kami ?


Amanda yuliana # Ringin Anom Gg.2 No. 2  Rt. 4 / Rw. 3 – Kediri # No hp. 085640406393 # Paket Usaha Daster C Kirim sms/whatsapp ke 089636366693 / 085640557171

Nicky & Chief

Its Nickys Birthday! To celebrate heres a reblogging of Nicky Chief. Happy Birthday, Mum!!! I love you so xoxo

Howling Antiquity Vintage

These are my parents.

Well, not yet, they will be. This is before all of that. This is when they were young, and far from home. The self-proclaimed bohemians.

There is no way I could do this blog without some mention of them. They’ve been the foundation of my life, a staple of my own universe for so long, that it’s easy to forget that there was a time before me.

They partied, they travelled, and lived in a groovy apartment with mirrors for walls. Strangers to Toronto, they embraced it, all the while staying true to those fabrics of comfort and vibrant colours of the East. You would think a blinding white landscape of snow would be the ideal canvas for saturated hues of every colour parka, toque, scarf. Afraid not. The winter city can be a rather dreary place. But did that stop them? No, not at…

View original post 663 more words

Distinctive Diamonds + Simon G = A Distinctive Pairing

TR446_engagement-ring_main_500What makes Simon G. engagement and bridal sets so popular at Distinctive Diamonds? It’s not just Simon G’s stunning designs, but also in the careful attention to the detail of every ring. Many are delicately and finely crafted with amazing details. Simon G. rings are definitely show stoppers. We hear this from newly engaged couples all the time. When it comes to quality, Simon G. has that covered, too. Simon G. jewelry is built to last a lifetime.

Every piece features only top-quality diamonds with GH or higher color and SI or higher clarity. They never use glue to set the diamonds or set them in anything less than four prongs to protect diamonds and prevent stones from falling out. We probably sell a lot of Simon G. platinum rings. That’s because Simon G. platinum is alloyed with iridium, which prevents the development of that ‘gunmetal appearance’ over time. Simon G. 18K white gold is also popular at Distinctive Diamonds. White gold is alloyed with palladium to ensure that the jewelry retains a crisp white color and remains hypoallergenic.

All Simon G. diamonds are 100 percent conflict free. Distinctive Diamonds and Simon G. care about the story of every diamond used in every piece we create. Distinctive Diamonds and Simon G. – a truly distinctive pairing!

A perfect formal outfit for elegant women

Women regularly wear formal dresses to meet decorous, or might show stately dress codes, decorous. This kind of clothing commonly consists of a loose fit and flowing garment which is made from an extravagance fabric. Formal dresses for women vary from long gowns to blazers and even pencil to leather skirts. It consist of an elegant kind of clothes to wear to work, chic clothes that can be worn for very significant meetings, and truly this formal outfit also set aside for huge events, celebrations, and even occasions.

formal dresses for womenA beautiful formal dresses for women:

When picking these formal dresses,  every woman ought to pick those dresses that have lengths that are a slightly above the knee, or might be at the knee, or below the knee or even at the ankle. Women ought to avoid wearing those miniskirts.

Long formal dresses

They can simply select velour, satin, chiffon, gossamer, as well as a taffeta for fabrics. For getting formal dresses, tidebuy online is a right place where you can avail huge collection of formal dresses for women at a discounted selling price. You can acquire long formal dresses like chiffon strapless empire dresses,  charming sheath column dresses,  new style mermaid dresses,  gorgeous a-line floor length dresses,  attractive sheath column dresses. There are also few stylish pantsuits that are suitable for a semi-formal dinner. You can even prefer ankle length formal dresses that give you an outstanding look.

Juniors formal dresses

A luxurious satin champagne dress:

Tidebuy offers various collections of junior formal dresses that are floor-length, knee-length, and short mini dresses. These dresses arrive with sleeveless, short sleeves, half sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, and long sleeves. A luxurious satin champagne dress is a formal wear than can be worn for any official events, The dress is featured with mermaid silhouette, it’s a one shoulder neckline that can also be worn for any evening events too. The back of the dress is featured with zipper-up details that tightly fit your body.

This dress able to show your figure perfectly. The dress looks dramatic as well as glamourous feature also featured with beading embellishments. The dress completely lined and arrive with a floor-length hemline. You also have an option to choose your preferred color that is available in the color charts. This online shop offers many knee length dresses that allows you show a good figure. These office dresses available with jackets that can also be worn for any events.  If you desire a higher neckline, then check out a scoop neck dress with a lace shawl.

Question of the Week: Return Policy

question-of-the-week-  npr


If you no longer have your invoice, the return policy can be found conveniently online at 

Step One: Go to the homepage at and click on ‘Customer Service‘ in the top right hand of the page.  blog returns p2  Step Two: Scroll to the bottom of the Customer Service page and under ‘Quick Help,’ please select ‘Returns Policy.’ 

blog p3


Step Three: On the Return Policy page, policy outlines are provided for both exchanges and returns (see below).

 For Store Credit: Items may be returned for store credit within 30 days of delivery. The amount paid for the items will be applied to your Clearance Charms account for future purchases. Exchanges and store credit are NOT subject to a restocking fee. Clearance Items are final sale and cannot be returned for store credit. For Exchanges: Items may be exchanged within 30 days of delivery. Exchanges are subject to a $5.95 shipping charge unless otherwise noted. Exchanges on items purchased during promotional periods are eligible for promotional pricing on items of equal value in the same product category if the item is returned for exchange within five days of delivery. Exchanges and store credit are NOT subject to a restocking fee. Clearance Items are final sale and cannot be exchanged.  blogger 4


For Returns: Items may be returned for a refund within 15 days of delivery. Refunds are subject to a 10% restocking fee unless otherwise noted. Clearance items are final sale and cannot be returned.

 blogger 5 Please read the policies thoroughly. A return authorization is required for all returns and exchanges which can be obtained through calling 1-800-309-1772 or through your Clearance Charms Account online.                         Filed under: About Clearance Charms

Sneak zucchini onto your neighbors porch

Today is my birthday and a National Holiday:  Sneak zucchini onto your neighbors porch day!

I have my share of zucchini in the garden and with vacation coming, my neighbors may be the recipient of some of these squash babies.


If you gifted with a few zucchini here are some new recipes I have tried this season.


Chocolate Zucchini cake


Crust-less Summer Zucchini Pie


Zucchini Fritters


Quinoa-Rice salad with cherries and feta adapted from the Weight Watchers July/August 2016 edition.

Pattys Points

1. The all recipes! website is a great resource to look for recipes for the home cook. AND always read the reviews by the readers to see the pitfalls and triumphs of the recipe.

2. Here are a few cookbooks to sample:

The Inspired by Zucchini Cookbook

Chocolate Zucchini: Le Livre

The Classic Zucchini Cookbook

3.The Chocolate Zucchini Cake is a winner! It is a great cake to make and store in the freezer and pull out for a potluck or picnic. Chocolate Cheese Frosting is an awesome addition to this cake. Super!

4.Zucchini can be used to substitute for pickles in relishes made sweet or dill and canned. I tried a recipe through the Ball Canning Cookbook summer and they were awesome as hot dog condiments.

5. Invest in a food processor with a shredder. Place the zucchini in a colander/strainer to get the water content out before cooking with it.

Get on with it now. Its Zucchini Day!

A note from Annette…

Its been mentioned a few times that the exploits and antics of our nine-month-old Dachshund, Annette Skywalker Bacavis, would make for hilarious stories on their own. I cant disagree with this fact; she is a riot and a half! So where better to tell such stories than my all-too-vacant blog?


I ran the idea past Annette this evening and she pointed out that my content is so infrequent and random already, that her reoccurring guest spot could only increase readership. Or it was something like that. Honestly, she was more interested in the increase of dog treats and toys. This is how I pay her royalties.


As I type this now, my husband is walking around the apartment telling the dog, Im ignoring youyou will not bark and bite at me!. Shes following him and making it very clear that You will not ignore me when I bite and bark at you! You will not!

Dont get the wrong idea about Nettie; shes not aggressive or even snappy. She usually only bites when she has to go poop (does this mean shes anal retentive?). We cant solve the mystery of the pre-poop biting. Shes also a very quiet dog, unless shes having a conversation with us. She only barks when she feels she has suffered a great injustice, like not being the center of attention every waking moment. Shes just a little crabby right now because shes been two weeks in the cone of shame after her Luxating Patella surgery. Her active lifestyle has slowed down while she recovers, so shes got a lot of pent-up feelings and unused energy.

Earlier today, she clearly needed to blow off some steam. I took her outside to the park so she could sit in the grass and enjoy the fresh air. Apparently, the park must be swarming with Pokemon, because a crowd of seven teenage boys were out there catching them with their cellphones. The sight of these giddy teens and their Pokemon ecstasy was too much for Annette. She marched right up to them and let loose a barrage of angry Dachshund barks. The entire mob of Pokemon masters jumped in surprise and then fled the vicinity. I can only assume Annette either hates gamers, or she was letting them know that all Pokemon found in this park belong to her. Because the law of Dachshund property extends even into the public sector.

Whatever her reasoning was, she turned to me with a very smug look on her Dachshund face before squatting to pee in her now emptied park.

You can now expect a weekly note from Annette!

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